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Here at Youth for Education & Sports (YES)!

Why We Are Best

Youth for Education & Sports-YES, is a Registered Sports & Education Training Provider based in New Delhi - India. We deliver sports training programs & courses as well international exposure through international trips either its sports/ educational or cultural throughout the India and beyond.


Scientifically Researched Curriculum

The curriculum has evolved over the years making it an organic fit for local market demands and is customized for individual school requirements.


Trainer:Student Ratio

The Yes India! trainer-student ratio of 1:35 exceeds the RTE (Right to Education Act) comparable guidelines of 1:40 ensuring better programme outcomes. Other operators pale in comparison with an average trainer-student ratio of 1:60.


Personal Equipment

Each student has an individualized set of equipment as part of the Yes India! programme as opposed to group sharing of equipment in other Physical Education equivalents.


Yes India! Programs


Sports education programmes [a during school program] In this program we work on the all-round development of a child which consists:

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In this program we slightly get serious for sports selection step by step.

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High performance sports coaching programmes [semi advanced sports coaching program]

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Professional sports coaching programmes [Elite level of Sports coaching program]

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we organize Sports Camp/Tournaments at various places in India & Also having partners in France, Italy, New Zealand, USA, Czech Republic, Australia Etc. to organize the same "but open for all"

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